The Stirling Arcade has long been an important feature in the city centre due to its prominent location right in the heart of the old town. It stretches from Murray Place (near the railway station) to King Street at the foot of the Castle Rock. Throughout its long history the building has had a variety of different names including the Stirling Arcade, Alhambra Arcade and Crawford Arcade.

In its early days the Arcade housed two hotels - the Douglas Hotel in Murray Place and The Temperance Hotel in King Street - as well as residential flats, around 40 shops and two workshops, making it a real hub of the city. Tenants included a draper's saloon, rubber goods shop, tea merchants, jewellers, a licensed house, a restaurant, a fruiterer and a billiard hall. In the centre of the Arcade stood the Alhambra Theatre, its offices and three small halls. The theatre had previously served as Stirling's town hall and in its heyday played host to many well-known music hall artists. It later became a cinema but closed down around the time of the Second World War and sadly fell into disrepair although current owners have recently been able to reopen the lower stalls area of the theatre.

The imposing facades at both ends of the building stand four storeys high while the connecting walkway spans two storeys. Inside, there are beautifully restored period features capped off with a stunning glass roof which allows light to flood into the Arcade's central walkway.

The Arcade recently benefited from an extensive renovation and redecoration programme, the result of which is a unique shopping environment where stunning architectural features and traditional values meet contemporary retail and business units


The Stirling Arcade and Stirling Local History Society have joined forces to research the history of the Arcade and create a permanent exhibition telling its story.

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